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The Tasty Food Truck Project

We are working on creating the first international tasty food truck network. Delivering hight quality and consistent local and fresh food to your workplace and main streets.


Starting in Southeast Asia and Central Europe we are working on bringing you the joy of a diverse diet.


International dishes using local ingredients. Healthy, sustainable and eco friendly food.


Reducing our environmental impact. All of our food trucks will be electric and CO2 neutral.


We are working on a great diverse menu with a variety of tasty, fresh, organic and healthy dishes.

Token Sale

By trading and supporting our community token you will be able to use your funds on any future Tasty Food Truck location. Forever.

Latest News

Follow the progress of our project and get updates on new locations! We will publish a status update every 2 weeks here on our blog and more often on Twitter and Facebook

Website & Token Launch

November 11th, 2017|

Today November 11, 2017 we officially launched our website and token trading started on etherdelta.com. The Tasty Foot Truck Token (TFTT) will have a fixed price of 0.0001 ETH for the next 35 days.